Full-fledged expert with almost three decades of software development expertise

Even in my school days I discovered programming as my dream job through the home computer scene. After my training as a DV-Kaufmann (German job title for a 2.5 year school education), I concentrated on software development and learned to appreciate the advantages of a system-oriented, memory and performance-oriented way of working early on. 

Interestingly, a 7-year cycle has emerged in my life in which I have dedicated myself to new programming languages and platforms: the classic BASIC on home computers was replaced by COBOL on the mainframe, followed by C/C++ on PCs and mobile computers. With Java I got to know the platform-independent advantages of a VM and Objective-C finally brought me to iOS and macOS. Since its introduction, I have been working intensively with the new programming language Swift, which greatly simplifies the development of modern software.

After more than 20 years in employee status, I wanted to shift my professional focus to the center of my family and therefore decided to work as a free software developer. Since a healthy work-life balance is important to me, I work regularly at fixed times and stick to a 40-hour week. I am happy to work on projects in Berlin and the surrounding area, if these are also possible from the home office at times, provided they extend over a longer period of time. 

A highlight in my work with Apple Software in 2017 was certainly the collaboration with the company Apple in the beta phase of macOS 10.13 to develop a new plugin for the new API Photos App Extensions, which sets great accents not only in usability but also in integration into the Apple ecosystem.

I like working in a team and appreciate the professional approach and the mutual support that one can experience among like-minded colleagues. A target-oriented approach that recognizes the customer‘s wishes and benefits as top priority are just as important to me as the pragmatic assessment of technical conditions.

I constantly observe new developments in the software and hardware sector in order to evaluate new technologies and approaches and to acquire them if I see an advantage in them. In my professional career I have often been able to change my focus and it is precisely this fact that inspires me time and again about my profession.